Everyone wants a voice, why not share your ideas for a chance to get mentioned in a videogame! All you have to do, is follow these instructions!

How to Enter

Method 1

Leave a message on User:Sirens of Oakvale's talk page!

Method 2

Post ideas on the Talk Page!


Your idea can be *anything*. If you wanted to, it can be YOU! Anything from a quest, item or potion to a main boss. You can submit a maximum of 2 ideas per person and the idea must not conflict with any Sweetly Devious ideas that have been made so far. If they do, you will be disqualified unless your idea is for something that is still undergoing serious edits in our offices, or has not yet been approved. If you are selected as a winner (there will be 2 people/ideas selected) then you are required to give us your full name and e-mail. This will allow us to contact you and let you know how progress is going. If you truly want to win, then you can put a picture on the idea. If your idea is one of 10 randomly selected finalists, you will be given a page on the wiki for you to edit and let us know all about your idea. If this is the case, please have an image and a lot of ideas. We will let you know what we need on your page. The page will be what makes us decide whether you should win or not, so work hard!

If you win, your name will be placed in the credits of the game and if you would like, you may be able to join Sweetly Devious as a concept designer or another position of choice. Your main language must be English and you must be able to give us your basic details such as gender, name and e-mail. Nothing private is needed. If you are a minor, get parents permission but under the age of 12, you are not allowed to enter as the game itself is not for minors. Good luck!