We here on this Wiki have two members of Sweetly Devious! They will be helping us create pages like this for future game designers or just people who are curious as to how Devious made this game.

Fortunate Cookie - Lead concept Designer and Developer - Notes Edit

When we first started making Sunset Crimson, we had a few ideas, this is because I originally thought about it and told others, who said it was great. Sadly, our designs had to be remade twice and after our current collection is changed, we are remaking them yet again because of a new team member - and we try to get everyone as involved as possible. There was never a deadline to the game, but because it's been in the making for three years, we thought this year it would be completed as a demo. Instead, we have several texture tests but sadly, no game. So I invested in a Project Folder, and the first page is:

*Game Name: Sunset Crimson

*Main Story: (...)

  • Made By
  • Company: Devious Game Design
  • Software: (Trade secrets and company-developed software, so no pointers here, sorry)
  • Plot:
  • Main Quest: SPOILER
  • First Quest: Find the King
  • Last Quest: Meet Gondringh
  • Main Boss: T'Su Echo

"Our game has really and truly changed and evolved over the years, for example, the original title was "The Void", because the Black Sanct was supposed to be The Void, but as lead designer, I changed it all because "The Void" is already a game out there. I think a key to a great game is partnership, you have to listen to everyones idea's and incorperate them, especially with your lead artists and plot designers. Of course, you can have your moments of solitude where you don't ask for help, but you should try to involve everyone - even a small group should." -- User:FortunateCookie/Kristy ; Lead Concept Designer and Developer.