This is the original character design etc. for T'Su Echo.

TSu Echo's current bio and character Wiki page can be found Here

Original Stats Edit

Originally, T'Su Echo had around 1,000 health, 300000 Magicka and about 70000 fatigue. This was quite good for the average stats but then Sweetly Devious designed a master sword to put into gameplay just before the battle, and is found on Ry'sina's corpse. The Sword of Lions deals around 600 damage every hit, so obviously the stats for T'Su had to also increase.

Original Clothing/Armour Edit

The original "armour" for Echo was supposed to be a black cloak with snakes coiling around him, but User:FortunateCookie/the lead concept designer decided that T'Su had to look powerful and the cloak didn't suit his all-powerful look at all. The next armour he had was chainmail and plate, that pointed down into spiked boots, but again his look changed, revealing dark eyes, scruffy hair and an almost alien-like face.

Notes from Devious Edit

"T'Su was supposed to be a kind of mystical creature, but my initial instinct was to go with an ugly being, something that people would be scared of." = User:FortunateCookie/Lead Cncept Designer