Mourningfield is a location south of Northbreach and near the Eastern border of Haunetds.

Mourningfield is the ancestral home of the Myhtraca, or the Elves and once also was home to the now extinct Maltra race. The economic stability of Mourningfield is dire and the troops of the once glorious Haunetds still fight the Elves of Mourningfield in an attempt to reclaim lost relics, stolen by the mages of Mourningfield.

Elven Life Edit

The Elves originally come from their home in Mehridhurt, a place far north of Cal'tharen, a human fortress made
Elf of mourningwood

A traditional hunter elf of Mourningwood

to protect the inhabitants of Northbreach. Before the crumble of the Elven Empire, the elves were seen as superior to humans, with much more wealth than the humans who had allowed their shorter counterparts to invade in the years of Gheyna, named after the leader of Mistoak at the time. During the collapse of the elven economy, the leaders of Mourningwood were all killed by members of the Band of Open, a group of humans attempting to make the empire crumble. With the death of all major influences within the city, the elves became less superior to noble humans who had been under Elven rule for so long. Ten years after the death of the leaders, the economy finally went bust, resulting in an invasion from the humans of Northbreach. Many elves them fled to the kingdom of Thyfern, the capital of Mistoak and a human safe fortress which had proved to be a valuable ally to the elves despite many of the lords turning to hatred for the elves.

Elves who still remain in Mourningwood rely on their family in Thyfern to provide them with money and often send children as slaves to Thyfern lords - resulting in an overcrowding in many places throughout Thyfern.