Lady Marigold is the Lady of the Elven Alliance, she was married to Lord Rogers.

Appearance Edit

Lady Marigold is an Elf, shorter than the average human and she has pointed ears. Her eyes are said to be the ocean, as they are pure blue. Marigold has jet black hair, which was swept up into a bun usually.

Marigold was known to wear a tight dress that went from the top of her neck to the floor and was often coloured red and gold or cream and pink. She often wore black ankle boots and brown stockings and was extremely different from most Elves, who were not rich but lived as servants. Marigold's dress sometimes varied to a black one which went from her shoulders (the straps lay slanted) and down to her ankles, but it sometimes went a little shorter. Her black ball dress was ruffled with lace and had an open shirring and bustle at the back, where a large black silk ribbon lay.

Family Edit

Little is known about Marigold's family other than her cousin founded the Elven Alliance and her father was a knight. Her mother however, was a phsycic and lived in secrecy. Her Mother was rich, nobility in fact and was known to wear a red dress that was knee-length (to be rebellious) until she wed, and began to wear a blue strapless dress down to the floor with often pooled at her feet. Marigold had two sons and one daughter (Madame DeLais) and died giving birth to her daughter Joy DeLais.