King Sargoth was killed the night of his 31st birthday, a truly tragic event for his kingdom. The blame of his murder fell upon his wife, Madame DeLais who was also murdered.

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King Sargoth's first name is Julius, named after his father Julius Sargoth. His mother Maria Marcole was a well-known noble until she wed Julius Sargoth who took over the throne when his brother Damien Sargoth died fighting. Julius' birthday is the 19th of the third phase and his wedding anniversary is also the 19th.

King Sargoth was born in the heart of Darkhurt, a small town in the east of Sargoth Valley. Sargoth is known not to have any children, so the kindgom remains without a leader. However, rumours of there being a bastard child by the name of Alice Hart remain.

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Alice Hart may be located with her mother, Myana at Myana's Keep.