The DeLais family are nobility, and are regarded Royalty due to Madame DeLais, who married King Sargoth.

History Edit

Around a 100 years ago, the DeLais family became nobility. This was the same times as the Sargoth reign began.

The DeLais nobility began with Pertrude DeLais, who with the help of her father, began a business empire. When Pertrude had a child, she was considered a whore for not being wed beforehand and was shunned by the community. Her son, Wesley DeLais married a noble woman, and had a a daughter by the name of Aveline and another son by the name of Rogers DeLais and he went on to marry Lady Marigold, who was Lady of the House Manner Fall, for the Elven Alliance.

DeLais Estate Edit

Madame DeLais was the last owner before it became abandoned and fell into disrepair. Some say that the souls of all who died there still haunt the Estate, and that all of the DeLais treasure still lies in the house somewhere.

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Sweetly Devious design Team Notes Edit

  • "When I was first planning the DeLais family, I thought of a sophisticated yet somehow twisted family, like, nobility gone wrong or something. They reflect the dark side of nobility especially how Madame DeLais works with Myana as the story unravels itself," - Kristy, Lead Concept Designer
  • "I think, that when we got the idea for the DeLais family, we were thinking of the average corrupted family, which makes for a more interesting plot," - Concept Design Team