Little is known about the mysterious Bretheren other than it is a group of elves, who work together in secrecy within Sargoth Valley.

Founding Edit

The founder of the Bretheren was Joseph Durall. He founded the group around 321 years ago and began with a few members who had found slave-work in the castle under the rule of King Taimalle. Originally, the Bretheren met in order to share stories and share what gold they had, but as the years went on and the Taimalle family lost their royalty to the Sargoth's about a hundred years ago, Darkhaven fell into an economic collapse and many people fled to the land of Mistoak to find work and refuge.

After the collapse of Darkhaven, the Bretheren became aggressive, and not just a passive group in society. The Bretheren began to inflict illness upon their masters and persecuters, taking more and more action to get closer to the king, but this only caused the King to squeeze harder, making the Bretheren lose its standing. It's current leader - Marcus West - was taken by the guards and killed outside the castle as a warning to all Bretheren members.

History Edit

After the execution of Marcus West, the Bretheren became cluttered and without a proper organised session, they began to fight amongst one another. About 4 years of fighting brought them onto the brink of destruction, but those four years had seen the King become dreadfully ill. The King had lost all hope apparently, and he died four years after the death of Marcus. When the new king began a new reign, the tightness with the Bretheren ceased and the murders began to stop.

The death of the King of Darkhaven encouraged the immigration to Mistoak, and during the second Sargoth king's reign, the Bretheren group expanded to the Northern reaches of Mistoak, where most Elven immigrants were killed.

In current times, the Bretheren still stay hidden for fear of death, but they are more of a powerful force in society. Many elves do not join for fear the King, but the Bretheren do little things such as petitions and meetings in order to help the Elves of Mistoak.

Popular Beliefs Edit

  • It is said that the Bretheren caused the first King Sargoth to die.
  • The Bretheren have tales that a human infiltrated their ranks, and they are not to be trusted, see the below point for a contridictory tale...
  • .. The Bretheren also believe a human tried to help by killing the two Sargoth kings and killing the guardsman who tried to hunt the Elves through poison - they believe humans can be trusted, but not nobility.

Trivia Edit

  • Marcus West is also a vampire in Sunset Crimson.